Junior Bouldering Ladder 2013

Round 1Round 1
Friday 15th March - Tuesday 9th April

Round 2
Friday 12th April - Tuesday 7th May

Round 3
Friday 10th May - Tuesday 4th June
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"New for 2013" we have put together a competition suitable for juniors aged from 7 up to 14. Over 12 weeks there will be 3 rounds, each round set with 30 specifically designed problems suitable for children with shorter reach in mind. Each round of problems will be up for just under 4 weeks where each competitor will have chance to try the problems as many times as they wish. We will be introducing the children to the bouldering ladder in the regular kids sessions and the coaching academy session on a Thursday.

In connection with the competition we are trying to raise awareness for CAC (Climbers against cancer) and hopefully raise some funding to help this wonderful cause. Check out the website at www.climbersagainstcancer.org. Everyone who would like to get involved in the competition will need a scorecard and this is where we are asking for a £1.00 donation to help.

There will be 4 age categories, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14. There will no extra cost to enter this competition, just the normal entrance fee (and optional £1.00 donation) All scores will be recorded and can be viewed on this page once the competition has started. The points system will be 11 points for flash (1st attempt) and 10 points anytime after. The rules for the competition will be up in the centre and if there is anything you don't understand feel free to ask at the reception.
A few of the problems from round 1- Charlie Pearson 7-8
A few of the problems from round 3


Certificates are available to pick up from reception.
Male 13/14Female 13/14
1stKieran Paterson9711stBethany Heslington670
2ndJake Plant9452ndSidonie Graham330
3rdEdward Brown3823rdLucy Swainson228
Male 11/12Female 11/12
1stJonah Kirtley8261stRachael Gilmore757
2ndThomas Dumble8052ndVictoria Ward655
3rdSam Bullock7973rdBecky Wall325
Male 9/10Female 9/10
1stJoseph McGrother6841stCayla Davies761
2ndAaron Barkley5952ndCaitlyn Wombwell727
3rdKieren Wall4913rdEmily Wade325
Male 7/8Female 7/8
1stCharlie Pearson4681stSkye Clarey313
2ndAlex Gilmore3152ndHannah Wade312
3rdPeter McGrother2803rdCaisley Graham217
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1Kieran Paterson13 to 14328314329971
2Jake Plant13 to 14321299325945
3Jonah Kirtley11 to 12293228305826
4Thomas Dumble11 to 12283229293805
5Sam Bullock11 to 12273220304797
6Cayla Davies9 to 10251217293761
7Rachel Gilmore11 to 12261218278757
8Caitlin Wombwell9 to 10241206280727
9Joseph McGrother9 to 10230214240684
10Bethany Heslington13 to 14253209208670
11Victoria Ward11 to 12225211219655
12Aaron Barkley9 to 10185205205595
13Thomas Davison11 to 12160170164494
14Kieren Wall9 to 10186120185491
15Charlie Pearson7 to 8189107182478
16Josh O'Reilly11 to 122700120390
17Ethan Metcalfe9 to 100201185386
18Edward Brown13 to 142070175382
19Cameron Morton9 to 1065110184359
20Sam Nelson11 to 1212864161353
21Harry Brown13 to 141650175340
22Sidonie Graham13 to 143300330
23Jack Clarey9 to 108688153327
24Emily Wade9 to 101529776325
25Becky Wall11 to 1210787131325
26Robbie Williams13 to 140141175316
27Alex Gilmore7 to 811976120315
28Skye Clarey7 to 88766160313
29Hannah Wade7 to 81488876312
30Charlie Clarey9 to 101300181311
31Peter McGrother7 to 8879697280
32Tom Frost13 to 1400274274
33George Pilkington13 to 142670267
34Harry Burrell9 to 106654137257
35Annabella Pickford11 to 1285167252
36Mathew Roxby11 to 122390239
37Joe Burrell7 to 87653108237
38Lucy Swainson13 to 14866577228
39Harvey Race13 to 142200220
40Caisley Graham7 to 8767665217
41Millie Plant11 to 12096119215
42Eleanor O'Reilly9 to 10117097214
43Molly McKenna9 to 10083130213
44Ben Bowman13 to 141980198
45Sam Etherington13 to 140180180
46Robyn Nelson7 to 8754362180
47Morgan Hughes13 to 1400176176
48Adam Whitehead13 to 140173173
49Finlay Curwen9 to 1000173173
50Jake Fantarrow9 to 109775172
51Connor Proctor7 to 80160160
52James Pickford9 to 108474158
53Johnathon Bryden7 to 877077154
54Travis Cairns11 to 121530153
55Mathew Heathcote9 to 101530153
56Reece Knapp13 to 1400152152
57Faith Morgan-Smith7 to 80143143
58James Heydon11 to 1200143143
59Sophie Bryden9 to 1077065142
60Harper Curwen7 to 800142142
61Tyler Curwen7 to 800140140
62Ben Summerill9 to 10314261134
63Megan Sands11 to 120128128
64Ross Smithyman7 to 81170117
65Joshau Long9 to 101170117
66Sam Ward7 to 806354117
67Mathew McCabe9 to 101140114
68Sam Bullock7 to 81090109
69Lennon Carrick13 to 1400109109
70Niamh Blackett9 to 1000109109
71Joe Lee13 to 1400108108
72Gabriel Kilty9 to 1099099
73Jack Briggs9 to 100554499
74Louis Kilkenny9 to 1097097
75Kayleigh Proctor9 to 1008888
76Conrad Morrison9 to 1087087
77Caitlin Watson7 to 8642286
78Tyler Palfrey7 to 877077
79Jasmine Williams13 to 140661076
80Rebecca Wombwell7 to 8007676
81Charley Bell9 to 104402266
82Finn Gardiner9 to 1006464
83Henry Bowler7 to 803333
84Ryan Mason13 to 14003333
85Ben Pickford7 to 821021
86Liam Nichols7 to 8200020
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