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Consett, Durham – the base of operations for 4 friends with a passion for Climbing.


Resting on the edge of the Pennines, we’re convenient located near some of the best places to climb in the North.

Jacob Laddersnare

Founder of Climb North East, a non-profit climbing blog, Jacob has been climbing around the North of England since he passed his driving test. Inspired by the legendary climbers of the 90s such as Wolfgang Gullich and Lynn Hill, Jacob eschewed movie actors and pop stars in favour of the little heard of climbing heroes who appeared in his monthly magazine subscriptions.


Although he initially idolized these icons, plastering their images on his bedroom walls, these were soon replaced with maps and charts – so he could trace his own progress in the world of UK climbing. He began Climb North East, to better record his progress and that of his good friends.

April Thornthrift

Following her life-long friend, Adam, up the toughest challenges that the UK can throw at them. April was dragged into the hectic world of free-climbing at the age of 17 when she met Jacob in college. Both discovering the joy of clean climbing together, her passion for environmentalism and the great outdoors has given the group a chance to approach their hobby in a way that has as small an impact on the environment as possible.


Tackling the toughest routes that the North-East has to offer; April might not have the lofty pretensions of her compatriots, but her aim to promote clean climbing as the gold standard of the sport is a driving force behind her writing.

Adam Menkel

With the proliferation of climbing knowledge increasing, thanks to the availability of information online, more and more climbers are finding each other through the net. After commenting on a forum thread started by April, Adam met with the duo out at Beacon Scar (East of the North York Moors) and proved his mettle as a tough and resilient climber. Their shared interests in writing and love of the climbing stars of the 90s sealed their friendship.


Although Adam loves to climb in the UK, one of his chief hobbies is to climb abroad. Whereas the UK has more than enough climbing spots for the other writers to handle, Adam is constantly jet-setting off with his gear to foreign destinations, meeting other climbers and writing about his experiences. 

Joseph Salt

A French-born climber with a knack for languages, Joe bumped into Adam in less than ideal conditions. In the midst of a treacherous climb in the Mont Blanc region, both climbers were trapped literally between a rock and hard place. Having been forced to take shelter, mid-climb, from a sudden snow-storm – they had to pool resources and equipment in order to survive the night – keeping watch whilst the other slept so that neither slipped off the perilous ledge they had taken refuge on.


After making the descent the next day, they traded details and have been swapping stories ever since. Joe sends in his climbing adventure (and misadventures) for us in exchange for some of our more tame tales from England for his own blog.